Worst Winter Ever Recorded That Important To Know

worst winter ever recorded

The weather and season are natural events that change by themselves. And humans cannot determine the weather and season according to their own desires. Sometimes, the weather and season can be very extreme especially in winter. Here is the worst winter ever recorded you need to know.

1. The Arctic Ocean in 2015

In 2015, the Arctic sea ice cover reached 14.5 million kilometers. Therefore, for the first time, satellite records were made to measure the extent of the ice sheet there.

At the end of February, the number of ice sheets reached 130,000 square kilometers. The number is lower than in 2011. Scientists believe that unusually hot weather in Alaska and Russia affects the reduction in ice cover.

Alexander Shestakov, a WWF Global Arctic Program Director, responded to this data. He said that this was not a record to be proud of. According to him the low ice cover can cause reactions that can threaten the Arctic and even the whole earth. That’s why this event became one of the worst winter ever recorded.

2. Antarctica in 2013

Even though the world is experiencing global warming, but this has no impact on Antarctica. In 2013 in eastern Antarctica, satellites showed that the temperature there reached -93.2 degrees Celsius. Surely humans will be very difficult to be able to breathe in such cold air.

However, this is not yet valid because the gauge is a satellite which is certainly very far from the surface of the earth. Of course, the data will be very valid if measured with a thermometer. Unfortunately, this is very dangerous to do in very cold locations.

The researchers encourage the public to use a hose on the inside of a thick jacket to breathe. It aims to be able to survive in such a location. The air produced from inside this jacket will feel warmer so that it does not damage the respiratory tract when inhaled.

3. Southeast Australia 

Australia is also one of the countries that experienced the worst winter ever recorded. Strong winds and cold temperatures hit southeastern Australia to cause blizzards, docks damaged, power outages to fallen trees.

The speed of the wind that hit the country reached 150 km per hour which made the flight schedule delayed and the wind had the potential to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, at some busy traffic points, there are rules to reduce vehicle speeds by up to 60 kilometers per hour.

However, bad weather is not just attacking southeastern Australia. But some other cities in Australia are experiencing similar problems. In essence, this extreme weather makes Australia one of the countries that have experienced bad winters.

4. China and Japan in 2005

China and Japan became the two countries that experienced the worst winter ever recorded. Since late December 2005, the thickness of the snow has piled up to as high as one meter in parts of Xinjiang Province in southwestern and eastern China.

While the weather temperature is minus 43 degrees Celsius which consequently around 220 thousand families stop their daily activities. Something similar happened in Japan. But the thickness of the snow piled up to four meters above ground level. Blowing cold air from the North Pole caused this event to occur. At least 57 people died and more than 1,300 people were treated for cold or accidents.

That’s some of the worst winter ever recorded that you need to know. There is some extreme weather that will make you shudder because it’s quite terrible.