Top 5 Crazy Things A Fans Would Do For Their Idols

Crazy things a fans would do

Surely you have admired certain artists or musicians. However, have you ever done crazy or strange things because you admired your idol? However, there are some crazy things a fans would do when they admire their idols.

Crazy things a fans would do

These fanatical fans often do strange and odd things. Sometimes it sounds silly and you will wonder why they do it. The fans can even act recklessly in order to get close to their idol. Here are crazy things a fans would do that you will never think of before:

1. Make Tattoos

Carl McCoid, 39, is a man who really likes musician Miley Cyrus. Therefore, he is willing to make 15 tattoos all over his body, which he dedicated to Milen Cyrus. He spent more than USD 650 to make these tattoos.

He shows off all of his tattoo photos on his social media and now he has 2,225 followers. Because he really likes Miley Cyrus, he says she is his wife. He likes Miley Cyrus because he thinks that she helped him through a divorce in his life.

2. Break a Leg

A long time ago Jessie J had an accident that caused a broken leg. Then, she was surprised when one of her fanatical fans also broke his own legs to be like Jessie J. Moreover, he also sent photos of his injured body to Jessie J.

In fact, her fans also terrorized her by sending a message that he would do anything to be like her. No wonder that this is one of the crazy things a fans would do to an idol.

3. Swim to the Idol House

Taylor Swift is a smart and beautiful musician, so no wonder if she has a lot of fans. Even some of her fans did strange and reckless actions to get Taylor Swift’s attention. For example, last April there was a fan who was willing to swim to his idol’s house.

A fanatic fan from Taylor Swift swam to her home in Rhode Island. Police see a man walking along the seacoast, about 1 mile from Taylor Swift’s home. Then, the police then arrested him because he broke into someone’s house without permission.

4. Buy a Used Bottle

Emma Philips from New Zealand really likes Justin Bieber, a brilliant musician. At that time, she had the opportunity to meet her idol at the backstage of a television studio. Justin Bieber then gave her a bottle of mineral water he had drunk.

However, Emma didn’t like it and she sold the bottle on TradeMe, a popular e-commerce site. Then, a husband and wife bought the bottle for USD 624. They bought the bottle for the daughter who idolizes Justin Bieber.

5. Do a Plastic Surgery

Still the same as the story above, Tobias Strebel is also a fanatic fan of Justin Bieber. He is willing to do anything in order to get the attention of Justin Bieber, including plastic surgery.

He does plastic surgery for 5 years to make his face look like Justin Bieber. To do this procedure, he spent more than USD 100,000. This operation successfully made him look similar to Justin Bieber, but he needs more than 1 month to recover.

Those are crazy things a fans would do which sounds terrible is also ridiculous. There are still many stories about fans who will do everything for their idols. If you become a fan, what will you do to win the attention of your idol?