Top 5 Cities That Has The Worst Traffic In The World

Worst traffic in the world

Traffic jams seem to be getting worse all over the world. The average driver spends around 32 hours a year, trapped in increasingly crazy traffic jams. Lots of data related to the worst traffic in the world that might be interesting for you to know.

Worst traffic in the world

Traffic jams can be more severe in big cities. Even more to the city that has a large population with little appropriate public transportation. Here are 5 cities of the worst traffic in the world based on data from Statista:

1. Mumbai, India

This city is the city that has the highest traffic jam in India. This city is the first ranked city that has a level of traffic jams worldwide. Mumbai people must be willing to spend a lot of time on the road to get through traffic.

The additional travel time you will spend if you are there is 65%. This means that if the normal travel time is 3 hours, then you will spend almost 5 hours on the road. Besides tires, the traffic jams will certainly harm you, right?

2. Bogota, Colombia

It is not surprising that Bogota is in the list of the 5 most traffic jams in the world. This is because Bogota has a large population and does not have proper public transportation facilities.

Besides, this city also does not have subway facilities, which can reduce the level of traffic jams. Moreover, drivers in this city have an extra travel time of up to 63%. Therefore, if you want to get to a place on time, you have to leave home 2 hours before.

3. Lima, Peru

The next city that is the worst traffic in the world is in Lima, Peru. This city has a traffic jam that is quite high compared to previous cities. On average, people in Lima need about 58% more time on the road.

This is certainly very reasonable because the city of Lima is very busy in Peru. Moreover, it is in the morning and after work hours, the road will be very crowded.

4. New Delhi, India

India does have a large population, so don’t be surprised if this country appears twice on the list of the most congested cities in the world. Besides, this city also does not have good urban planning and does not yet have appropriate public transportation.

You can find a lot of people selling on the side of the road, even lots of cows wandering around. No wonder if from year to year, this city has always been a traffic jam. The average community in this city needs 58% extra time to travel on the road.

5. Moscow, Russia

Many drivers in Moscow, making this city will always be stuck every year. Besides, road conditions also affect traffic congestion in Moscow. Drivers must get extra time on their trips by 56% due to traffic jams on the road.

So, the average driver in the city of Moscow spends 91 hours on the road. Of course, the time is not short considering they spend time in vain because of traffic problems.

Those are 5 cities with the worst traffic in the world that you should know. So, if you are in those 5 cities and want to go to a certain place, leave early. This is because you will need a lot of time on the way to get to a certain place.