The Top 5 Of Countries With Highest Salaries For Teachers

countries with highest salaries for teachers

Teachers are professions that play an important role in educating generations.  But this profession rarely has many enthusiasts.  Because the salary is small.  But in the following countries, the highest teacher salaries are provided.  Which country is that?  Check out the following explanation, countries with highest salaries for teachers are:

1.    Luxembourg

Countries in Europe always get the nickname as a country that has a happy population.  Naturally, because these countries get compensation in accordance with the energy they spend.  In particular, Luxembourg has the highest teacher salaries for teachers.  If you work as a teacher in this country you can get a salary of up to billions per year.

As one of the countries with highest salaries for teachers. Being a teacher in Luxembourg is certainly prosperous because the country provides teacher salaries of 1 billion per year for elementary teachers and 1.7 billion per year for high school teachers.  Thus, the teachers in this country have a high level of welfare.

2.    Korea Selatan

Another country with a high salary for teachers are South Korea.  This country guarantees welfare for teachers.  Although not as big as Luxembourg, the salary of teachers in this country is quite high, at USD 79,000 per year.

South Korea has a good education system.  One factor is the welfare of teachers who teach in South Korea. That is why South Korea has a better education system among other countries in Asia.

3.    Jerman

The next country on this list of countries with highest salaries for teachers is Germany. One of the countries in Europe that has a good education system in Germany. The German government is very concerned about education.  So many students from other countries, making Germany a suitable country to study.

Although it is quite difficult to become a teacher in Germany.  That is because some qualifications are set to become teachers in Germany.  If you can become a teacher, you will get welfare.  Welfare is in the form of salaries that reach thousands of US dollars or the equivalent of hundreds of millions of per year, as well as several other benefits.

4. Austria

Austria is a country on the European continent.  It is common knowledge when becoming a teacher in European countries is very prosperous.  Austria is one of them, giving a large enough salary to teachers who teach in this country.

Just like in other European countries, the qualifications to become a teacher is quite difficult.  Because there are criteria that serve as benchmarks in order to become a teacher.  But it is difficult to become a teacher in this country, it will in accordance with the salaries and other benefits.

5. Swiss

Being a teacher in Switzerland is very prosperous.  Because this country provides salaries of tens of thousands of US dollars or the equivalent of billions of rupiah per year.

That is why Switzerland has a good education and has a teacher with a high level of welfare. Therefore, if aspiring to become a teacher, Switzerland is one of the best references.

Thus, countries with highest salaries for teachers.  These countries have inspired other countries to develop better education systems and improved teacher welfare.  Thus, the level of welfare of teachers in the world can be evenly distributed.