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Top 5 Popular Sport with Most Fans

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Almost everybody plays sports, whether as careers, hobbies, or as a form of fitness. These sports have various rules and characteristics, which have many followers in each type of sport. It usually governed by international institutions and included in the Olympic. Sports also consider as a profitable industry. Thus, some sports gain massive fans. What are these sports? Check out the list of sport with most fans below!

1. Soccer

As a sport with most fans, soccer has gained massive popularity and become the most popular sport. With around 4 billion fans all over the world, this sport becomes the favorite for more than half the world’s population. Soccer or association football has been playing in almost every country in the world.

Soccer firstly recognized in the early 2nd Century in Chine. Most people believe that Romans, Greeks, and Japanese are also the first possibly player of Soccer. Soccer nowadays comes from England, and then spread all over the world.

It has two teams consist of 11 players and two goals. Each team should lead the ball to the goal that defends by the opponent team in order to make one point. Teams that have more goals become the winner.

2. Cricket

The next most popular sport that has many fans is cricket. This sport has around 2.5 billion fans from all over the world. It is most well-known in the United Kingdom and as well as the Commonwealth countries. These countries are mostly Britain’s ex-territories.

Cricket was firstly played in the 16th Century, and become England’s national sport in the 18th Century. The game consists of two teams. Each team has 11 players each. Teams that score the most runs become the winner of the game.

3. Field Hockey

Field hockey is considered a sport with most fans. It has around 2 billion followers. The influence of this sport has largely seen in Europe, Australia, also part of Africa and Asia. This game had played since the 1800s in England.

Similar to soccer, it consists of two teams with 11 players each, which should drive the balls into the goals. Yet, instead of driving the ball using feet, it requires the players to use sticks. It is mostly played in Australia, India, and Pakistan.

4. Tennis

Another popular sport with most fans is Tennis. It has an estimated one billion followers, and influence almost every country. People believe that tennis had firstly played in Romans, Egypt, and Greeks, but with different game versions. The modern game itself was popularized in France and had been spread to other countries.

Tennis characterized two teams that can be consisting of one or two players. Using tennis rackets, players should bounce a ball over a net.

5. Volleyball

With around 900 million fans, volleyball becomes one of the most popular sports. The influence of this sport has mostly seen in North America and Western Europe. This sport firstly created in 1895 by William G. Morgan. It elaborates on some elements of basketball, tennis, baseball, and handball. Volleyball has two teams which consist of 6 players that should throw a ball over a net.

In conclusion, soccer is the top global sport with most fans, followed by cricket, field hockey, tennis and volleyball. These sport influences almost every country all over the world. People often played one of these sports, whether it is for a professional act or merely fill their free time.