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Smart Cities in the World that You Should Know

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Have you ever heard of a smarty city in the world these days? What does it mean with a smart city and how come are they smart? Well, these are some questions that people are asking about a smart city in the world. A smart city is a city that combines technology with the cities infrastructure to deliver the best service. The function of smart cities is to give their best service and make the people satisfy. Therefore, some of the smart cities in the world is developed and big countries. 

Even though all cities have technology in their cities, not all cities can satisfy their citizens. Therefore, a city is called a smart city if it can deliver the needs of its citizens. These days, many cities in big countries have developed their technology and have become very advanced. Here are some of the smart cities in the world that you should know:

1. New York City

Who doesn’t know this number one city that is popular for everything inside of it? For two years, New York City has been awarded as the number one smart city in the world. With over more than 8.5 million people in the city, they use up to 1 billion gallons/ day. So, imagine how many gallons and water they use every day? Therefore, the government made a system to control the use of water and gallons. This way, people will be more aware and help save the environment. 

2. London

Another big city in the world that is also smart is London. This city is full of advanced technology that eases people in their daily life. Almost all places now have the technology to help their operation such as transportation and public places. With the help of technology people can now do anything quickly without having to queue too long. Other than transportation, technology is also available in schools and the government. 

3. Paris

Going across Europe, one of the next smart cities in the world is Paris. Transportation is one of the most advanced and quick transportation in the world. Right now, they are developing a train what will able to go 127 miles full of 68 stations. In 2050, they plan to replace all 4,500 buses that they have been using for years. Then they will replace it with more advanced technology such as the Paris Express. 

4. Tokyo

This is one of the cities in Asia that is a smart city. Well, Japan has always been popular with is high technology in most of its public places. Their recent development is driverless taxis for the Olympic Game in 2020. These taxis will ferry athletes and participants from one place to another without having to worry. 

5. Reykjavik

This capital city of Iceland is the number 5 smart city in the world. One of their great development is a transportation application for the routes and schedule of busses. Even though it is a simple application, it has made most of the citizens there use public transportation. 

Every year the requirements of being one of the smart cities in the world are always changing. However, the purpose of a smart city is always to give their best service to their citizens. Therefore, the best cities will always keep developing their technology to give the best.