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The List of Most Expensive Food in The World

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Price is always a consideration in buying food. Low prices are usually effective in inviting people to buy in large quantities, especially if food can last long. However, the high price can describe the taste is present. The following is a list of the most expensive food in the world.

1 White Truffle

The price of this product depends on its size, the greater the weight, the higher the price. The most valuable variation of this mushroom is the white one. It grows only in Piedmont, Northern Italy.

Expensive prices on average due to the scarcity of food served. That also applies to truffles, especially the white Alba which is only found in northern Italy. This fungus once sold for US $ 330 thousand or 1.5 kg for 1.5 kilograms of mushrooms.

This fungus comes from Italy. The thing that makes this type of mushroom expensive is that it is rare and difficult to find habitat for this White Truffle Mushroom. So expensive, maybe only people who most of the money could buy this white truffle mushroom.

2 Matsutake

If Italy has truffles, Japan has Matsusake mushrooms. In Japan, this mushroom is an elite class of food. At the start of the season, mushroom collectors can sell it for around US $ 1000 or Rp14 million per kilogram.

Matsutake mushroom has a distinctive and strong fragrance. Mushrooms are usually enjoyed by baking, cooking with rice into Matsutake rice, and a mixture of dobinmushi or soup in a pitcher.

Matsutake or mattake mushrooms are very rare and expensive mushrooms in the world. This fungus is famous  with autumn in Japan, where usually a lot of fungus grows and develops in various mountains and the forest.

3 Wagyu Steak

Steak made from Wagyu Meat is famous for its deliciousness. But it is different from one of the types of steak on this one, Craftsteak Wagyu Ribeye Steak is one type of processed steaks that has a very high selling price.

The selling price for one portion of this steak can reach USD 2,800 or around Rp.34,000,000. The high cost of this type of steak is because the best choice of beef from Japan is Hyugo.

Before being sliced, the hyugo cows are given beer and massaged to produce soft beef when processing the steak. Craftsteaks Wagyu Ribeye Steak has been served at famous restaurants in New York.

4 Pizza Royale 007

You have to spend more to enjoy this Pizza, Why? Because the price for one portion of this Pizza can reach USD 4,200 or around Rp. 50,000,000.

Pizza Royale 007 is indeed famous for being very expensive, distinctive flavors resulting from a blend of ingredients. such as Lobster marinated in cognaz, caviar, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison, balsamic vinegar and served in 24 carat gold.

Coupled with the famous chef’s processing techniques a la Domenico Crolla. Making a taste that is so distinctive and delicious for this Pizza Royale 007.

5 Melon Yubari King

This melon is often include in the ranks of the most expensive fruit or food. Unlike most melons, this Japanese Yubari melon costs 500,000 Yen or around Rp. 58 million or US$250.

If Kobe beef has the title of most expensive beef in Japan, Yubari King is touteas the highest price melon in Japan. Each year, the price is skyrocketing and selling well. Yubari King is develop in the Yubari region, Hokkaido.

This food is the result of a cross between 2 types of melons and planted in a greenhouse. Yubari King has a very soft and juicy fruit flesh taste. It feels so soft in the mouth and feels very fresh.

This type of Yubari King is planted and marketed on a limited basis. Therefore, the selling price is high. Yubari melons are perfectly round with soft outer skin.

Most Japanese buy Yubari as a present at the Chugen or the spirit festival. As the name implies, melons grow and develop in Yubari, Hokkaido, close to Sapporo.

There are the most expensive food in the world that recommendation of bilionaires. If you want to taste the food, make sure you have enough money to pay for it. But if you don’t have enough money, don’t try to eat it.