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best soccer stadiums in the world

Soccer has been one of the most famous and loved sports in the world for decades. Not only people love the game but they also love the soccer team. While on the other side, people adore the players who are talented and well looking. It is not deniable that a player’s performance could not be separated from the quality of the stadium itself. Moreover, people could find the best soccer stadiums in the world only in several places.

best soccer stadiums in the world

To build a stadium, there are some qualifications that the place must-have. Starting from the parking lot, the quality of the grass up to the facilities. The facilities are for both the players and the audiences. However, the best soccer stadiums in the world are more than just a stadium. They have the most beautiful structures and designs as well. To know about the stadiums, here are the best five stadiums in 2019.

1. The Iconic Wembley Stadium

The world’s presence best soccer stadium is the Wembley Stadium which in London. The Stadium has been standing since 1923 and has been rebuilt again until it is reopened in 2017. What makes Wembley the place stadium is because of the new design which is unique and luxurious as well. The technology in and outside the stadium is also a leading item in this stadium.

2. The Historical Camp Nou Stadium

The Camp Nou Stadium is not only one of the best stadiums but also the largest in the world. Camp Nou is in Barcelona, Spain which is also the home for the Barcelona Soccer Team. Moreover, the stadium has historical details that people could find out from the club’s website. As for the capacity, the stadium could load more than 98,000 people!

3. The Famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The next best soccer stadiums in the world would go to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium which is in Madrid. The stadium is also the most famous because it was the home of many famous world-class soccer players. Starting from Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and others. Moreover, the stadium has always been hosting many events besides soccer games.

4. The Red Devil Old Trafford Stadium

When going to Manchester in England, people would not miss on visiting the Old Trafford Stadium. It is well known for the red devil seats which represent the Manchester United Soccer Team. It is also the biggest stadium in the UK. Besides for soccer event, tourists could also have a visit to the stadium and also about the Manchester United team.

5. The Beautiful Maracana Stadium

Unlikely another stadium, the locations of the Maracana Stadium are right in the city of Rio de Janerio Brazil. Not only the stadium is near the city but it also has a beautiful view of the city. Even though the design is still quite classic, it is one of the favorite venues for soccer plays. Moreover, the stadium has been the host for the Olympic Games and twice for the World Cup Finals.

The best soccer stadiums in the world are not just a venue for games. But it is also a home for the best soccer players. Moreover, the stadiums have also great stories of victories in it.