Some Of The Unusual Restaurant In The World With Delicious Food For You!

Unusual restaurant in the world

When visiting new places, something you should never miss is trying their local foods. It should be a trivial thing but it also important to taste how they make local foods. However, they usually keep the authenticity of the foods so it is different from somewhere else. Also, you can find an unusual restaurant in the world that will give you another experience.

Having a good dinner in the awesome should be everyone’s dream. But have you ever wonder to eat in an unusual restaurant with a unique view? This should be interesting because you will have different experiences besides the taste of their foods. If you want to try eating in an unusual restaurant in the world, here are some recommended places for you!

1. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

If you thinking that the Maldives is the pearl of the ocean then you are right. In this place available one of the most beautiful restaurants with unique scenery, Ithaa. The Ithaa Restaurant is built 16 ft under the wonderful sea of Maldives. Not only the design, but this restaurant also offers good food with great services. But, you should do reservation far away before because there only available 14 limited seats.

2. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

Dinning in a higher place than the city near should be interesting to do. You can try to eat on the skyscraper in Vertigo Restaurant, Bangkok and see everything from above. Vertigo Restaurant is the part of the Banyan Tree Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Bangkok. However, eating foods or drinking cocktails should be another experience you should try!

3. Vista Restaurant, Cambodia

If the restaurant usually located in the confined space inside the building, this restaurant is different. Vista Restaurant is located in the middle of the beautiful place in Cambodia, Koh Rong Archipelago. You can enjoy your food while seeing the waves crashing the bottom of the restaurant. Besides, the food in this place is made using fresh ingredients. So, it will taste good.

4. The Disaster Cafe, Spain

If people usually running fast when disaster happens, this cafe makes it as the inspirational thing. The Disaster Cafe offers you amazing design in the building and also a special experience. This cafe will simulate a 7.8 Richter scale of an earthquake but still put attention to your safety. Now you can feel how it is when you eat and the earthquake coming.

5. The Grotto, Thailand

What do you think when you heard about the cave? Moist, wet, and smells bad right? But it does not happen with this unique cafe, The Grotto or also known as Cave Dining. This cafe will serve you with a great natural architecture formed during hundreds of years. In this place, you should try the most delicious food, seafood barbecue. Also, you can enjoy the blue of the ocean and warm sunlight when getting bored.

These are some of the unusual restaurant in the world that we can recommend for you. You should try to visit the place not only because they had awesome scenery but also another side. There are not many people who want to find a unique restaurant as their destination. Let’s be different!