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2015 END OF SUMMER UPDATE September 8, 2015 Adrian

MCI JH16Essential liquidssecret drum technique

Been a great summer so far, still fine tuning the new studio but things are rolling and moving ahead as good as ever. Recently finished up some awesome sessions engineering an EP for Magia Negra. Lolita and gang are a killer band and have the gang mentality that most of my favorite bands possess. They’ve been a blast to work with.

Lola LarrivaJeremy from Magia NegraMagia Negra

Producing my first country record for my man Corey’s band Croy and the Boys. This album is coming out fucking amazing and I sincerely can’t wait for folks to hear it, I say that a lot but if you ever believed me, do me a favor this one time. My favorite elements of South Texas, Bob Dylan and The Band meets Doug Sahm meets Roy Orbison meets good old fashioned country. These boys (and girls) don’t play. Stay tuned….

Dan from Croy and the BoysCroyCasey from Croy and the Boys

Managed to sneak in some sessions in Nashville at Jeremy Ferguson’s awesome Battle Tapes studio (pictured below) for Karl Denson’s (Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz) upcoming record with some great players – Alan Evans of Soulive, Ivan Neville, Chris Stillwell and Anders Osbourne. Funky ass Black Merda vibe happening that’s been an honor to be a part of…wrapping it up back in ATX this month and expect it in your Jeep soon.

Drums at Battle TapesAlan Evans and Karl DIMG_2521

In other news, The Sword’s High Country, “the band’s fifth and most compelling album to date” ( is out now! Pick it up on vinyl at your favorite record store or online here, or might I recommend their dope ass limited edition collector’s bundle, including rolling papers, a wood dugout and a grinder.

Other other news, almost done with a new Echocentrics album (or two) and back to working on some hip hop! Yep yep.

2015 MID-YEAR POST June 1, 2015 Adrian

New studio is officially up and running. It’s a work in progress as always but as always there’s a lot of work in progress. Produced a couple of songs for The Digital Wild, engineered some sessions for The Yoots, my man Christian Vela’s awesome garage/latin doo-wop project Los Hot Boxers, Mexico City’s Dirty Lobo and a few others. Worked on some tasty jams with Ian Moore, Leopold and His Fiction and others that you should be hearing sooner than later.

I also scored a couple of short films directed by Tom Huckabee and Louis Black that were produced by Jonathan Demme and Louis himself. The films were originally shot in 1981 were rereleased this year at the SXSW film festival. Check out “Death of Rock Star” here, really proud of this one…roped in my mans Peter Stopschinski (Brown Hornet), John Speice (GF/Brownout/etc etc) and Alex Maas (Black Angels) and we put together something pretty nice.

Took a little break from Level One Sound to hole up at Church House Studio in ATX for a month with Stuart Sikes to produce The Sword’s new record. Mixes are being wrapped up by J Robbins and expect the full length this fall! Started working with Karl Denson (the newest Rolling Stone!) on a new one I’ll be producing with my man Sammy P at the console and an upcoming session in Nashville, stay tuned here for more updates as we make some more progress.

In miscellaneous tidbits, Brownout presents Brown Sabbath vol. 2 is underway and should be out later this year. James Petralli’s Bop English album, a really cool project I helped out with a couple of years back with some guitar playing and overdubs, has finally seen the light of day and is well worth your time. Shawn Lee and I’s second Electric Peanut Butter Company record came out this year on Ubiquity Records and I also think you’d dig.

2015 – LEVEL ONE SOUND January 21, 2015 Adrian

Happy 2015 to all…so much to report. As you can maybe tell from the lack of updates I’ve either been Home Depot picking up last minute stuff for studio or locked in there trying to get it all up and running. Happy to report that Level One Sound (yes, it will be the new name….new site coming soon!) is officially up and running! Had a “soft launch” in December and hit the ground running this new year. Pics, updates and more coming soon. Thanks for all your support thus far!

SUMMER PART 2 UPDATE August 16, 2014 Adrian

So I’m kind of still on and off tour, studio’s still being built after some serious demo and construction, but I’m still trying to stay working – Electric Peanut Butter Co. VOL. 1 is IN THE CAN! Expect it this fall (Oct/Nov 2014) on Ubiquity Records. Making music with my man Shawn Lee is one of my favorite things to do, as the follow up to last year’s VOL. 2, which was what we were calling “soft psych”, we decided to go all out with the fuzz and the heavy sounds, stay tuned for a preview, I promise you’ll dig it!

The Austin Chronicle recently did a profile piece on me…check it out here.

Bobby Patterson’s “I Got More Soul”, which I was honored to mix, is out now! Pick it up and learn more here!

Brownout debuted the first video off the BROWN SABBATH album. Check out this video for “Hand of Doom” (featuring Alex Maas of the Black Angles), directed by the homies at Onion Creek Productions.

Spanish Gold also debuted the video for “Day Drinkin”, our second video off of “South of Nowhere”, this one was directed by another homie, the incomporable Frank Weysos of The Hawks.

Golden Dawn Arkestra, Spanish Gold, more May 30, 2014 Adrian

On the road with Spanish Gold a bit this summer, then with Brownout, but I’m rolling with a small portable recording rig, and Shawn Lee and I are halfway through our second Electric Peanut Butter Co. album and I’m hoping we’ll be done by the time my tours are over! I don’t play, kid. Spanish Gold’s debut record is out now! Pick it up at your favorite record store (the vinyl looks dope) or Itunes or Amazon! Brownout’s Brown Sabbath record coming this June, stay tuned for more info.

Packed up the studio for a rebuild over the summer so output will be sparse (still rolling with small setup as I pointed out) and will be hitting some friends’ studios whenever possible but for the most part, lights are out at LOS until early Fall. Stay tuned for an update on that, it will be bigger and badder when all is said and done. I’m super stoked about it.

Managed to sneak out the final mixes for Golden Dawn Arkestra’s debut record before the shutdown, check for it soon. They just released the first single for Afropocalypse, it’s fuzzy, funky, psyched out and heavy. Check it:

Also got a little time in to track 4 new jams with Como Las Movies at Lechehouse studios, more info soon. Have a good summer, I’ll be posting occasional updates from the road.

Spring 2014 part II April 22, 2014 Adrian

Noisey has premiered a song off Brownout’s upcoming Brown Sabbath album – “Hand of Doom” features Alex Maas from The Black Angels…stream it below! Single and digital release mid-May, full length record mid-June on Ubiquity Records.

Spanish Gold’s debut single came out for Record Store Day…peep the B side here, a cover of The Ghetto Brothers’ 1971 classic “There is Something in my Heart”:

And GQ recently premiered another Spanish Gold single, “Day Drinkin.” Dig! Our debut full length “South of Nowhere” is out May 27th. Info and tour dates here.

Recently had the pleasure of producing a Red Bull Soundclash studio session for a collaboration between Natalia Clavier and AJ Davila (of Puerto Rico’s Davila 666). We recorded a song from start to finish in a day at the Red Bull Studios in LA. It was a blast, I’ve worked with Natalia quite a bit now but had never worked with AJ and his band Terror/Amor…these dudes/dudettes were rad and the song will be out through the Red Bull network asap. Pics from the session below:

In other bits, Austin homegirl Gina Chavez is killin it with her new record…I played guitar on a couple of cuts, check it out! Did a remix for another Austin homie Ryan Camp, recorded at my friend Keith’s Karmakaze studio, featuring awesome cast of folks on it. Mixing the Golden Dawn Arkestra record and getting close to home with it and FINALLY…FINALLY…finishing Dan Dyer’s album I produced and engineered. Fresh for 2014….you suckaaaaaaaaaas.

Spring 2014 Update March 29, 2014 Adrian

Lots cooking around here lately…Brownout has wrapped up our BROWN SABBATH album, coming out early summer on Ubiquity Records. The album was recorded mainly at Cacophony Recorders by Erik Wofford, a few overdubs at Level One and Lechehouse studios and was mixed by Colin Dupuis at Easy Eye Sound. It’s vicious…watch out for a single and some teasers very soon!

Spanish Gold‘s debut 7″ single will be out for Record Store Day April 2014. It features our lead single “Out on the Street” and on the B Side is a cover of The Ghetto Brothers’ “There is Something in my Heart”…look out for it then and in the meantime stream “Out on the Street.”

Check out some other AQ/Level One production for old ATX bros Como Las Movies. Their Tex-Mex sonidero meets rock sound is finally out for the world via two videos they released. Check them out here..

Austin afro psych rock collective Golden Dawn Arkestra doubled their recent Kickstarter goal and are close to finishing their debut EP. I co-produced along with the band and the stuff is lush, rugged and very cosmic. They will be hitting your walkmans, jeeps and solar and lunar soundsystems later this spring. Stay tuned for more updates on this. Recently had the dudes from Leopold and His Fiction in the studio to cut a couple of new songs, good old fashioned rock and roll with a Motown influence. In other news, finally wrapping up (after a temporary shelving) Dan Dyer’s new album, mixes are in progress and very close to being done!

Spanish Gold – Out on the Street February 25, 2014 Adrian

Rolling Stone premiered our single “Out on the Street” yesterday. You can stream it here

…or get it on ITUNES.

Stay tuned for SXSW dates..the band will be official and in full effect.

Cover of The Temptations’ “I Need You” February 13, 2014 Adrian

Had the pleasure of recording a cover of one of my favorite, most slept on Temptations songs ever – “I Need You” off of the “1990” (saying 1990 sounds hilarious) album. Produced and recorded by yours truly, featuring the Grupo Fantasma/Brownout horns, John Speice on drums, myself on errything else. Vocals were handled by the the lovely Tameca Jones and my country soul brother, Dan Dyer.

It was recorded as promo for the upcoming fundraiser for Austin’s amazing SIMS Foundation. The night is called “Heart of the City: A Celebration of Soul”..I’m MD’ing the concert…I try to keep updates here studio related so read more about it here.

And dig the jam…stream it or for $1 know that your money went to a great cause.

AQ + Shawn Lee = Electric Peanut Butter Co. October 10, 2013 Adrian

Three years ago at SXSW in Austin I finally got the chance to meet one of my heroes from across the pond, Mr. Shawn Lee. We were both artists on Ubiquity Records at the time and the idea was quickly kicked around for a collaboration record. We flirted with the idea for a couple of years but having our schedules line up was close to impossible, prolific doesn’t even begin to describe he of the Tiger Mask. Fall of 2012 the planets aligned and we began trading ideas via email. About a month later we had a record in the can. It was to be “soft psych”, “folky” but as funky and psychedelic as ever….it was made in the true spirit of modern collaboration, by emailing parts back and forth in “real time”….so we present to you our debut album TRANS-ATLANTIC PSYCH CLASSICS VOL. 1, out Tuesday Oct. 29th on Ubiquity! Shawn and I played every instrument on this and Shawn handled the vocal duties. Stream the entire record here: