Interesting to do Vacation in Some Countries with the Most Insane Climate? Here is the List for You

If you have sunlight during an afternoon and still can see the stars on night then you should be thankful. Some countries have a great landscape complete with beach, sea, or mountains. Outside there, available a lot of countries with the most insane climate and its terrible. Some of them have a very high or very low temperature so they should fight to survive.

Climate change makes those countries have a worst climate than ever. But, this can be an unusual experience if you go to those places. Not much people who want to visit those countries and you can be the different one. It will be interesting to enjoy almost all of nature’s climate diversity in one country. Here are some countries with the most insane climate we write down for you.

1. Rusia

Rusia is a big country with a large area. This makes Rusia have different weather on every part and its very amazing. However, this country can be the coldest country with a very low temperature that can drop into -67 F. You can enjoy the white snow covered the mountains and trees and caused great landscape. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the subtropical experience on the Black Sea Beaches in Anapa.

2. Greenland

Greenland is one country that usually covered with snow almost every time except in summer. You can visit this country and enjoy some awesome polar landscape. On the other hand, it is an awesome experience sailing on a cold sea and watching the iceberg. Above all, the air quality in this country is the best one in the world. So, you can also run from the bustle of the city and enjoy the fresh air here.

3. Uganda

Uganda is a country with a tropical climate just like Kenya. In this country, you can find a lack of coastline that makes this country a little bit different from others. On the days, the temperature might hit a high digit but when night comes, the entire country will getting cold. It is something that unheard of in other tropical countries. But, you can enjoy great savanna near the Lake Victoria area.

4. China

As Rusia and the United States, China also has a really big area and makes it have an insane climate. You can enjoy an arctic zone in the north, especially in Heilongjiang Province. Slightly shift to the south in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a “normal” subtropical Area. It is nice to see the white snow covered the entire city. Above all, if you do a holiday to China, you can enjoy almost all of the climate even it will take a few days. Just be ready for the cold clothes and enjoy the snow.

So these are top 4 countries with the most insane climate but still worth to visit. You can enjoy a lot of fun things there or just reading a book near the fireplace. Make sure you visit them at the right time and have prepared everything before. Don’t try to visit them only with your determination because that insane climate can kill you instantly.