Insanely Famous Criminal Cases In History Around The World

Famous criminal cases in history

Every country has its own culture and law which is different from one and another. This is what makes it unique and controversial sometimes. Particular litigation in every country involves tragedy, controversy and also contention. This is why famous criminal cases in history are insane.

Famous criminal cases in history

Legal cases could shake a society or even make a small talk become creepy. The sensation to satisfy the appetite of the society is the profit for social media. Plus, there are thousands of criminal cases around the globe like what’s in the list below.

1. Watergate Scandal

You might wonder what the watergate scandal is and how could it be so well-known. This scandal is a political scandal happened in the 1970s. Moreover, the watergate scandal involved President Richard Nixon and all of his administration. This is why this case is so famous around the world.

There were five men arrested because of breaking into the DNC. However, the FBI found the connection between Nixon’s campaign organization and the thieves. Plus, Nixon resigned from the presidency instead of taking responsibility.

2. Richard Hauptmann

Have you ever heard “the crime of the century”? This is what many people called Richard Hauptmann. He was the guy that most people in the world hate. It’s because he was convicted of murder and abduction. Besides, he killed 20 months old son of Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator.

Two years after the abduction, Hautmann was captured because of his $10 gold certificate from a gas station. This incident made him be sentenced to death. However, on his death execution, Hautmann told his advisor that he was innocent of the crime that he did.

3. James Bulger

The next famous criminal cases in history come from James Bulger. If you’re not common with this name, you might ever know James Whitey Bulger. If you’re the lover of Adolf Hitler or a history book, then you must know him. He’s the guy that is the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Bulger is very well known for his beneficial relationship with gangsters and his trust. You might wonder why the FBI arrested him. It’s because of his criminal records like stealing, assault, forgery, and robbery.

4. Al Capone

Another story comes from America, Al Capone. He is the guy who kept the formula of money is the game in his mind. Furthermore, he also joined a street gang that made him become an epitome of devastation.

He initiated his criminal record with rackets of gambling, protection, prostitution, and extortion. Here, you can see how could he become a famous criminal. Plus, he was the boss of American criminal enterprise because of his explosive temper.

5. Matteo Messina Denaro

From his name, you will spontaneously think that he was an Italian. Matteo Messina Denaro is also well-known as “Boss of all bosses”. If you’ve ever watched “Playboy Don” then you will be so familiar with him. Denaro was born in the Mafia family.

Therefore, it’s normal if he learned how to use a gun at a very early age which is 14 years old. Plus, he admitted that he filled a cemetery all by himself. From this, you can see how dangerous he is.

Those explanations above represent some famous criminal cases in history. Actually, there are a lot of famous criminal cases around the world. However, the top five criminal cases above, at least, could represent some of them.