Criminal Cases That Turn Your Stomach From Around the World

criminal cases that turn your stomach

Talking about criminal cases, there is a lot of incidents that happen. Starting from murder, kidnapping, thefts, frauds, and still many more. Another thing about a criminal is that it is not always horrific, sometimes it could be unexpected as well. Moreover, nowadays police keep discovering more criminal cases that turn your stomach.

criminal cases that turn your stomach

As time goes by, the criminal cases keep on getting worse. The cases that happen to the close peoples of the suspect. Moreover, people do the criminals in their environment. When being arrested, the suspect also does not look guilty, instead, they show some happy smiles. Here are more lists about some criminals cases that turn your stomach.

1. The Japanese Killer for Teriyaki

The first cases happened in Paris. Issei Sagawa, a foreign exchange student from Japan was a calm and quiet man. He was once obsessed with a Dutch student Renee Hartevelt. Issei decided to kill her in his apartment using a gun. But that’s not all. After killing her, he cooked her body and eats it as a teriyaki dish. After that, he mutilated her body and threw it away in the river using a bloody suitcase.

2. The Abusing Cannibalism Mother

The next criminal cases that turn your stomach would come from the Mauerova Family. The mother abused her two sons with horrible cannibalism things. Not only locking them in the cellar but also torturing them. Their mother installed a baby monitor camera on them just to watch her boys suffer. Moreover, when the sons went rebel, she would cut pieces from their bodies. After that, she would force the family to eat the pieces.

3. The Awful Killing Machine

The third case is about a young man called Jeffrey Dahmer. What he did was not only just one or two criminals, but even more. First, he would cruelly inject the victims with drugs and then mutilate them. He also often has sex with the dead body. Not up there, he would even eat their meats and serve it to other people. Of course, they do not know what they were eating.

4. The Torturer Women

Other criminal cases that turn your stomach are about abusing and torturing women. In this case, it is quite different unlikely the others. Carrol Eddie was once raised by an abusing mother who affected him when he was an adult. His hobbies were to not only attack and abuse but also killing women. Moreover, he would cut off the women’s butt and fry them.

5. The Drug Addicted Rapper

In the 90s, Antron Singleton was a famous rapper. Despite his promising career, he had an addiction to drugs which leads him in a criminal case. When he was unconscious because of the drug, he tore up his girlfriend’s chest with a knife broken inside. Also, he bites her lungs and tore her face off using his teeth. Moreover, some of his teeth were also left behind inside her chest.

So, those are just a view of criminal cases that turn your stomach. There are still many cases out there that would also be shocking as well. These cases could also remind us to keep safety whenever we are.