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Insanely Famous Criminal Cases In History Around The World

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Famous criminal cases in history

Every country has its own culture and law which is different from one and another. This is what makes it unique and controversial sometimes. Particular litigation in every country involves tragedy, controversy and also contention. This is why famous criminal cases in history are insane.

Famous criminal cases in history

Legal cases could shake a society or even make a small talk become creepy. The sensation to satisfy the appetite of the society is the profit for social media. Plus, there are thousands of criminal cases around the globe like what’s in the list below.

1. Watergate Scandal

You might wonder what the watergate scandal is and how could it be so well-known. This scandal is a political scandal happened in the 1970s. Moreover, the watergate scandal involved President Richard Nixon and all of his administration. This is why this case is so famous around the world.

There were five men arrested because of breaking into the DNC. However, the FBI found the connection between Nixon’s campaign organization and the thieves. Plus, Nixon resigned from the presidency instead of taking responsibility.

2. Richard Hauptmann

Have you ever heard “the crime of the century”? This is what many people called Richard Hauptmann. He was the guy that most people in the world hate. It’s because he was convicted of murder and abduction. Besides, he killed 20 months old son of Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator.

Two years after the abduction, Hautmann was captured because of his $10 gold certificate from a gas station. This incident made him be sentenced to death. However, on his death execution, Hautmann told his advisor that he was innocent of the crime that he did.

3. James Bulger

The next famous criminal cases in history come from James Bulger. If you’re not common with this name, you might ever know James Whitey Bulger. If you’re the lover of Adolf Hitler or a history book, then you must know him. He’s the guy that is the FBI’s most-wanted list.

Bulger is very well known for his beneficial relationship with gangsters and his trust. You might wonder why the FBI arrested him. It’s because of his criminal records like stealing, assault, forgery, and robbery.

4. Al Capone

Another story comes from America, Al Capone. He is the guy who kept the formula of money is the game in his mind. Furthermore, he also joined a street gang that made him become an epitome of devastation.

He initiated his criminal record with rackets of gambling, protection, prostitution, and extortion. Here, you can see how could he become a famous criminal. Plus, he was the boss of American criminal enterprise because of his explosive temper.

5. Matteo Messina Denaro

From his name, you will spontaneously think that he was an Italian. Matteo Messina Denaro is also well-known as “Boss of all bosses”. If you’ve ever watched “Playboy Don” then you will be so familiar with him. Denaro was born in the Mafia family.

Therefore, it’s normal if he learned how to use a gun at a very early age which is 14 years old. Plus, he admitted that he filled a cemetery all by himself. From this, you can see how dangerous he is.

Those explanations above represent some famous criminal cases in history. Actually, there are a lot of famous criminal cases around the world. However, the top five criminal cases above, at least, could represent some of them.


Criminal Cases That Turn Your Stomach From Around the World

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criminal cases that turn your stomach

Talking about criminal cases, there is a lot of incidents that happen. Starting from murder, kidnapping, thefts, frauds, and still many more. Another thing about a criminal is that it is not always horrific, sometimes it could be unexpected as well. Moreover, nowadays police keep discovering more criminal cases that turn your stomach.

criminal cases that turn your stomach

As time goes by, the criminal cases keep on getting worse. The cases that happen to the close peoples of the suspect. Moreover, people do the criminals in their environment. When being arrested, the suspect also does not look guilty, instead, they show some happy smiles. Here are more lists about some criminals cases that turn your stomach.

1. The Japanese Killer for Teriyaki

The first cases happened in Paris. Issei Sagawa, a foreign exchange student from Japan was a calm and quiet man. He was once obsessed with a Dutch student Renee Hartevelt. Issei decided to kill her in his apartment using a gun. But that’s not all. After killing her, he cooked her body and eats it as a teriyaki dish. After that, he mutilated her body and threw it away in the river using a bloody suitcase.

2. The Abusing Cannibalism Mother

The next criminal cases that turn your stomach would come from the Mauerova Family. The mother abused her two sons with horrible cannibalism things. Not only locking them in the cellar but also torturing them. Their mother installed a baby monitor camera on them just to watch her boys suffer. Moreover, when the sons went rebel, she would cut pieces from their bodies. After that, she would force the family to eat the pieces.

3. The Awful Killing Machine

The third case is about a young man called Jeffrey Dahmer. What he did was not only just one or two criminals, but even more. First, he would cruelly inject the victims with drugs and then mutilate them. He also often has sex with the dead body. Not up there, he would even eat their meats and serve it to other people. Of course, they do not know what they were eating.

4. The Torturer Women

Other criminal cases that turn your stomach are about abusing and torturing women. In this case, it is quite different unlikely the others. Carrol Eddie was once raised by an abusing mother who affected him when he was an adult. His hobbies were to not only attack and abuse but also killing women. Moreover, he would cut off the women’s butt and fry them.

5. The Drug Addicted Rapper

In the 90s, Antron Singleton was a famous rapper. Despite his promising career, he had an addiction to drugs which leads him in a criminal case. When he was unconscious because of the drug, he tore up his girlfriend’s chest with a knife broken inside. Also, he bites her lungs and tore her face off using his teeth. Moreover, some of his teeth were also left behind inside her chest.

So, those are just a view of criminal cases that turn your stomach. There are still many cases out there that would also be shocking as well. These cases could also remind us to keep safety whenever we are.


5 Countries With Nuclear Power Plants In The World

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Countries with nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants use heat sources from one or several nuclear reactors. There are 450 reactors of nuclear power plants around the world. Moreover, there are countries with nuclear power plants to meet the country’s electricity supply.

Countries with nuclear power plants

Some countries that use nuclear as a power plant are usually developed countries. Other countries are still hesitant to use it because of concerns over the safety of nuclear itself. Here are 5 countries with nuclear power plants you should know:

1. The United States

The country that has the most nuclear power plants is in the United States. It has 104 nuclear power plants among other countries. So, this country can meet 20% of the country’s electricity needs from nuclear power plants.

Nuclear energy in the United States generates 56 percent of electricity in the carbon-free US in 2017. This makes it the largest domestic clean energy source in the United States. Nuclear power plants can operate at full capacity of more than 92 percent by 2017.

2. France

One of the countries with nuclear power plants is in France. France is the second-largest nuclear power plant user after the United States, with 59 nuclear power plants. The country uses nuclear power plants because France has no other energy resources, such as oil.

This nuclear power plant is capable of contributing two-thirds of France’s electricity. The France president said he would close 14 nuclear reactors in stages until 2035. The country would develop other sources of electricity generation, for example, wind power.

3. Japan

Before the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011, there were 55 nuclear power plants in Japan. However, until 2019 only 33 nuclear power plants are operating in Japan. Moreover, some private power companies in Japan decided to close down old nuclear power plants.

Because it requires a very large cost to carry out renovations according to the latest safety standards. Recently, the Japan Electricity Company plans to close one of the nuclear power plants at the Fukushima Prefecture. This is because the power plant there was damaged due to the earthquake in 2011.

4. South Korea

Nuclear power plants in South Korea could produce more than 21,733 megawatts. South Korea is very fast in expanding the use of nuclear power facilities. South Korea’s nuclear power plant jumped 489% in 30 years.

However, South Korea is trying to release its dependence on coal and nuclear power as a power plant. The country will expand its share of renewable electricity generation to 40% by 2040. Besides, South Korea will also stop extending the life of old nuclear power plants.

5. Russia

Despite Russia’s Chernobyl incident, this country continues to develop nuclear power. One of the largest nuclear power plants in Russia is capable of producing 1,195.4 MW of electricity and 3,200 MW of thermal power.

The electricity and heat are usually used to heat buildings and housing in Russia during the winter. Now Russia is starting to develop a floating nuclear power plant to help areas close to the poles. This floating nuclear reactor is the only one in the world.

Now you already know about 5 countries with nuclear power plants around the world. However, the five countries are trying to switch to renewable power plants. They did this for the good of the earth so as not to produce dangerous nuclear waste.


Interesting to do Vacation in Some Countries with the Most Insane Climate? Here is the List for You

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If you have sunlight during an afternoon and still can see the stars on night then you should be thankful. Some countries have a great landscape complete with beach, sea, or mountains. Outside there, available a lot of countries with the most insane climate and its terrible. Some of them have a very high or very low temperature so they should fight to survive.

Climate change makes those countries have a worst climate than ever. But, this can be an unusual experience if you go to those places. Not much people who want to visit those countries and you can be the different one. It will be interesting to enjoy almost all of nature’s climate diversity in one country. Here are some countries with the most insane climate we write down for you.

1. Rusia

Rusia is a big country with a large area. This makes Rusia have different weather on every part and its very amazing. However, this country can be the coldest country with a very low temperature that can drop into -67 F. You can enjoy the white snow covered the mountains and trees and caused great landscape. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the subtropical experience on the Black Sea Beaches in Anapa.

2. Greenland

Greenland is one country that usually covered with snow almost every time except in summer. You can visit this country and enjoy some awesome polar landscape. On the other hand, it is an awesome experience sailing on a cold sea and watching the iceberg. Above all, the air quality in this country is the best one in the world. So, you can also run from the bustle of the city and enjoy the fresh air here.

3. Uganda

Uganda is a country with a tropical climate just like Kenya. In this country, you can find a lack of coastline that makes this country a little bit different from others. On the days, the temperature might hit a high digit but when night comes, the entire country will getting cold. It is something that unheard of in other tropical countries. But, you can enjoy great savanna near the Lake Victoria area.

4. China

As Rusia and the United States, China also has a really big area and makes it have an insane climate. You can enjoy an arctic zone in the north, especially in Heilongjiang Province. Slightly shift to the south in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a “normal” subtropical Area. It is nice to see the white snow covered the entire city. Above all, if you do a holiday to China, you can enjoy almost all of the climate even it will take a few days. Just be ready for the cold clothes and enjoy the snow.

So these are top 4 countries with the most insane climate but still worth to visit. You can enjoy a lot of fun things there or just reading a book near the fireplace. Make sure you visit them at the right time and have prepared everything before. Don’t try to visit them only with your determination because that insane climate can kill you instantly.


Top 5 Cities That Has The Worst Traffic In The World

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Worst traffic in the world

Traffic jams seem to be getting worse all over the world. The average driver spends around 32 hours a year, trapped in increasingly crazy traffic jams. Lots of data related to the worst traffic in the world that might be interesting for you to know.

Worst traffic in the world

Traffic jams can be more severe in big cities. Even more to the city that has a large population with little appropriate public transportation. Here are 5 cities of the worst traffic in the world based on data from Statista:

1. Mumbai, India

This city is the city that has the highest traffic jam in India. This city is the first ranked city that has a level of traffic jams worldwide. Mumbai people must be willing to spend a lot of time on the road to get through traffic.

The additional travel time you will spend if you are there is 65%. This means that if the normal travel time is 3 hours, then you will spend almost 5 hours on the road. Besides tires, the traffic jams will certainly harm you, right?

2. Bogota, Colombia

It is not surprising that Bogota is in the list of the 5 most traffic jams in the world. This is because Bogota has a large population and does not have proper public transportation facilities.

Besides, this city also does not have subway facilities, which can reduce the level of traffic jams. Moreover, drivers in this city have an extra travel time of up to 63%. Therefore, if you want to get to a place on time, you have to leave home 2 hours before.

3. Lima, Peru

The next city that is the worst traffic in the world is in Lima, Peru. This city has a traffic jam that is quite high compared to previous cities. On average, people in Lima need about 58% more time on the road.

This is certainly very reasonable because the city of Lima is very busy in Peru. Moreover, it is in the morning and after work hours, the road will be very crowded.

4. New Delhi, India

India does have a large population, so don’t be surprised if this country appears twice on the list of the most congested cities in the world. Besides, this city also does not have good urban planning and does not yet have appropriate public transportation.

You can find a lot of people selling on the side of the road, even lots of cows wandering around. No wonder if from year to year, this city has always been a traffic jam. The average community in this city needs 58% extra time to travel on the road.

5. Moscow, Russia

Many drivers in Moscow, making this city will always be stuck every year. Besides, road conditions also affect traffic congestion in Moscow. Drivers must get extra time on their trips by 56% due to traffic jams on the road.

So, the average driver in the city of Moscow spends 91 hours on the road. Of course, the time is not short considering they spend time in vain because of traffic problems.

Those are 5 cities with the worst traffic in the world that you should know. So, if you are in those 5 cities and want to go to a certain place, leave early. This is because you will need a lot of time on the way to get to a certain place.


Smart Cities in the World that You Should Know

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Have you ever heard of a smarty city in the world these days? What does it mean with a smart city and how come are they smart? Well, these are some questions that people are asking about a smart city in the world. A smart city is a city that combines technology with the cities infrastructure to deliver the best service. The function of smart cities is to give their best service and make the people satisfy. Therefore, some of the smart cities in the world is developed and big countries. 

Even though all cities have technology in their cities, not all cities can satisfy their citizens. Therefore, a city is called a smart city if it can deliver the needs of its citizens. These days, many cities in big countries have developed their technology and have become very advanced. Here are some of the smart cities in the world that you should know:

1. New York City

Who doesn’t know this number one city that is popular for everything inside of it? For two years, New York City has been awarded as the number one smart city in the world. With over more than 8.5 million people in the city, they use up to 1 billion gallons/ day. So, imagine how many gallons and water they use every day? Therefore, the government made a system to control the use of water and gallons. This way, people will be more aware and help save the environment. 

2. London

Another big city in the world that is also smart is London. This city is full of advanced technology that eases people in their daily life. Almost all places now have the technology to help their operation such as transportation and public places. With the help of technology people can now do anything quickly without having to queue too long. Other than transportation, technology is also available in schools and the government. 

3. Paris

Going across Europe, one of the next smart cities in the world is Paris. Transportation is one of the most advanced and quick transportation in the world. Right now, they are developing a train what will able to go 127 miles full of 68 stations. In 2050, they plan to replace all 4,500 buses that they have been using for years. Then they will replace it with more advanced technology such as the Paris Express. 

4. Tokyo

This is one of the cities in Asia that is a smart city. Well, Japan has always been popular with is high technology in most of its public places. Their recent development is driverless taxis for the Olympic Game in 2020. These taxis will ferry athletes and participants from one place to another without having to worry. 

5. Reykjavik

This capital city of Iceland is the number 5 smart city in the world. One of their great development is a transportation application for the routes and schedule of busses. Even though it is a simple application, it has made most of the citizens there use public transportation. 

Every year the requirements of being one of the smart cities in the world are always changing. However, the purpose of a smart city is always to give their best service to their citizens. Therefore, the best cities will always keep developing their technology to give the best.


Top 5 Popular Sport with Most Fans

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Almost everybody plays sports, whether as careers, hobbies, or as a form of fitness. These sports have various rules and characteristics, which have many followers in each type of sport. It usually governed by international institutions and included in the Olympic. Sports also consider as a profitable industry. Thus, some sports gain massive fans. What are these sports? Check out the list of sport with most fans below!

1. Soccer

As a sport with most fans, soccer has gained massive popularity and become the most popular sport. With around 4 billion fans all over the world, this sport becomes the favorite for more than half the world’s population. Soccer or association football has been playing in almost every country in the world.

Soccer firstly recognized in the early 2nd Century in Chine. Most people believe that Romans, Greeks, and Japanese are also the first possibly player of Soccer. Soccer nowadays comes from England, and then spread all over the world.

It has two teams consist of 11 players and two goals. Each team should lead the ball to the goal that defends by the opponent team in order to make one point. Teams that have more goals become the winner.

2. Cricket

The next most popular sport that has many fans is cricket. This sport has around 2.5 billion fans from all over the world. It is most well-known in the United Kingdom and as well as the Commonwealth countries. These countries are mostly Britain’s ex-territories.

Cricket was firstly played in the 16th Century, and become England’s national sport in the 18th Century. The game consists of two teams. Each team has 11 players each. Teams that score the most runs become the winner of the game.

3. Field Hockey

Field hockey is considered a sport with most fans. It has around 2 billion followers. The influence of this sport has largely seen in Europe, Australia, also part of Africa and Asia. This game had played since the 1800s in England.

Similar to soccer, it consists of two teams with 11 players each, which should drive the balls into the goals. Yet, instead of driving the ball using feet, it requires the players to use sticks. It is mostly played in Australia, India, and Pakistan.

4. Tennis

Another popular sport with most fans is Tennis. It has an estimated one billion followers, and influence almost every country. People believe that tennis had firstly played in Romans, Egypt, and Greeks, but with different game versions. The modern game itself was popularized in France and had been spread to other countries.

Tennis characterized two teams that can be consisting of one or two players. Using tennis rackets, players should bounce a ball over a net.

5. Volleyball

With around 900 million fans, volleyball becomes one of the most popular sports. The influence of this sport has mostly seen in North America and Western Europe. This sport firstly created in 1895 by William G. Morgan. It elaborates on some elements of basketball, tennis, baseball, and handball. Volleyball has two teams which consist of 6 players that should throw a ball over a net.

In conclusion, soccer is the top global sport with most fans, followed by cricket, field hockey, tennis and volleyball. These sport influences almost every country all over the world. People often played one of these sports, whether it is for a professional act or merely fill their free time.


The List of Most Expensive Food in The World

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Price is always a consideration in buying food. Low prices are usually effective in inviting people to buy in large quantities, especially if food can last long. However, the high price can describe the taste is present. The following is a list of the most expensive food in the world.

1 White Truffle

The price of this product depends on its size, the greater the weight, the higher the price. The most valuable variation of this mushroom is the white one. It grows only in Piedmont, Northern Italy.

Expensive prices on average due to the scarcity of food served. That also applies to truffles, especially the white Alba which is only found in northern Italy. This fungus once sold for US $ 330 thousand or 1.5 kg for 1.5 kilograms of mushrooms.

This fungus comes from Italy. The thing that makes this type of mushroom expensive is that it is rare and difficult to find habitat for this White Truffle Mushroom. So expensive, maybe only people who most of the money could buy this white truffle mushroom.

2 Matsutake

If Italy has truffles, Japan has Matsusake mushrooms. In Japan, this mushroom is an elite class of food. At the start of the season, mushroom collectors can sell it for around US $ 1000 or Rp14 million per kilogram.

Matsutake mushroom has a distinctive and strong fragrance. Mushrooms are usually enjoyed by baking, cooking with rice into Matsutake rice, and a mixture of dobinmushi or soup in a pitcher.

Matsutake or mattake mushrooms are very rare and expensive mushrooms in the world. This fungus is famous  with autumn in Japan, where usually a lot of fungus grows and develops in various mountains and the forest.

3 Wagyu Steak

Steak made from Wagyu Meat is famous for its deliciousness. But it is different from one of the types of steak on this one, Craftsteak Wagyu Ribeye Steak is one type of processed steaks that has a very high selling price.

The selling price for one portion of this steak can reach USD 2,800 or around Rp.34,000,000. The high cost of this type of steak is because the best choice of beef from Japan is Hyugo.

Before being sliced, the hyugo cows are given beer and massaged to produce soft beef when processing the steak. Craftsteaks Wagyu Ribeye Steak has been served at famous restaurants in New York.

4 Pizza Royale 007

You have to spend more to enjoy this Pizza, Why? Because the price for one portion of this Pizza can reach USD 4,200 or around Rp. 50,000,000.

Pizza Royale 007 is indeed famous for being very expensive, distinctive flavors resulting from a blend of ingredients. such as Lobster marinated in cognaz, caviar, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, venison, balsamic vinegar and served in 24 carat gold.

Coupled with the famous chef’s processing techniques a la Domenico Crolla. Making a taste that is so distinctive and delicious for this Pizza Royale 007.

5 Melon Yubari King

This melon is often include in the ranks of the most expensive fruit or food. Unlike most melons, this Japanese Yubari melon costs 500,000 Yen or around Rp. 58 million or US$250.

If Kobe beef has the title of most expensive beef in Japan, Yubari King is touteas the highest price melon in Japan. Each year, the price is skyrocketing and selling well. Yubari King is develop in the Yubari region, Hokkaido.

This food is the result of a cross between 2 types of melons and planted in a greenhouse. Yubari King has a very soft and juicy fruit flesh taste. It feels so soft in the mouth and feels very fresh.

This type of Yubari King is planted and marketed on a limited basis. Therefore, the selling price is high. Yubari melons are perfectly round with soft outer skin.

Most Japanese buy Yubari as a present at the Chugen or the spirit festival. As the name implies, melons grow and develop in Yubari, Hokkaido, close to Sapporo.

There are the most expensive food in the world that recommendation of bilionaires. If you want to taste the food, make sure you have enough money to pay for it. But if you don’t have enough money, don’t try to eat it.