5 Things That Got Affected By Coronavirus In The World

things that got affected by coronavirus

Since December 2019, a virus from a city in China has shocked the world. The virus caused about 2,944 deaths in mainland China and 100 in other countries. Therefore, every country in the world is trying to stop the spread of this virus. But not only that, it turns out this virus has another impact. The following are some things that got affected by Coronavirus.

1. Stock Price Drops

The emergence of coronavirus turned out to have a negative impact on the world economy. Some countries stop their community activities in order to reduce outdoor activities. So some companies tell their employees to work at home.

However, this had an impact on the decline in the price of the joint-stock. The emergence of the virus from China is creating its own sentiments for capital market investors. Surely this can make some companies experience inflation and bring substantial losses.

2. Tourism Revenue Weakened

Anyone can not refuse that the tourism sector provides a sizable income for the country. Of course, foreign tourists always come from one country to another to enjoy a vacation. However, since this virus emerged people have begun to be afraid to travel abroad.

They are afraid of contracting the virus so they prefer to spend their time at home. Therefore, this could be one of the things that got affected by Coronavirus. Of course, the country’s income is declining because of the lack of tourists visiting tourist attractions.

3. Travel Agent Company Threatened Bankrupt

The presence of this coronavirus does have an extraordinary impact. One of them is the impact on travel agent companies that have decreased revenue. In fact, they can go bankrupt because of declining customer interest to use their services.

People worry that this could make the virus infect them when traveling abroad. Not only that, a travel agent company certainly has quite a lot of employees. So if this decline in income continues to occur, they must also lay off their employees.

4. Airline Revenue Declines Drastically

Airlines are one of the things that got affected by Coronavirus. Because the world community believes that the spread of this virus is spreading rapidly because of people traveling from China. These people carry the virus to other countries so that the virus can infect several hundred other people in the world.

For this reason, flight demand has decreased and requires airlines to cut flights. The cut reaches 80% for both international and domestic flights. Of course, this makes airlines experience a decrease in revenue.

5. Impact on the World Automotive World

Coronavirus turned out to also have a major impact on the world of the automotive world, especially mainland Europe. The Ferrari Museum in Italy had to temporarily close it for fear of making the virus more spread. Therefore, this museum has decreased its stock by up to 5%.

In addition, the Geneva Motor Show 2020 was canceled because it was to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The reason is that the Swiss government banned large-scale meetings or events to prevent the spread of the virus from spreading. Though there will be about hundreds of thousands of people who will attend the exhibition.

Those are 5 things that got affected by a coronavirus in the world. Apparently the virus has a fairly large and serious impact. Of course, the end of the virus is the hope of everyone in the world.