5 Famous Inventions By Female Scientists You Need To Know

famous inventions by female scientists

In the history of humanity, there are brilliant women who play a fundamental role in science. But unfortunately despite their outstanding contributions, they are often never recognized. Therefore, you should know there are famous inventions by female scientists.

famous inventions by female scientists

These women are able to make their scientific contributions. In addition, they also made significant inventions in the history of world science. Here are 5 famous inventions by female scientists that you need to know:

1. Radioactive

Marie Curie is a famous scientist who received two Nobel Prizes for physics and chemistry. Apart from being a pioneer of radioactivity, she also discovered techniques for the isolation of radioactive isotopes and two chemical elements. The two new chemical elements she discovered were radium and polonium.

She discovered the radioactive theory taught today in chemistry courses. In addition, she also suggests using the idea to use radioactive isotopes as a cancer treatment.

2. Atom Bomb

Chien-Shiung Wu was the inventor of the first atomic bomb and was born in China in 2912. She graduated from the National Central University in Nanking, in 1936, and flew to the US to continue her education.

During World War II, she joined the Manhattan Project, Columbia University. She worked to develop iron ore uranium, which would be used as an explosive fuel. After the war, she remained at Columbia as a research assistant.

3. HIV and AIDS Drugs

Gertrude B. Elion was the first woman to find a cure for people with HIV and AIDS. She worked on developing drugs by studying the chemical composition of cells affected by the disease. To avoid failure, she uses a biological chemical comparison between normal cells and pathogens.

She did that to design drugs that can block viral infections in the body. So, she succeeded in developing azidothymidine, which became the first drug that could treat HIV and AIDS survivors.

4. Comet Discovery

Who would have thought that a comet firstly discovered by a woman? A female scientist, Caroline Herschel, first discovered it. She made independent observations using the Newtonian telescope and successfully detected several astronomical objects.

In addition, she successfully finds many comets and was able to complete the comet index. The comet index that she wrote is summarized in full in the Catalog of Stars. Until the end of her life, she continued to work as a female astronomer.

5. Radio Signal

It is one of the famous inventions by female scientists. Moreover, Jocelyn Bell Burnell an astrophysicist who discovered the first radio signal from a star. She found that the star emits very intense radiation at short and regular intervals.

Unfortunately, she was successful without recognition because it was her tutor who won the Nobel Prize. So, many of her colleagues condemned the award. However, Burnell said that she got the best thing that was more significant than the Nobel Prize.

Those are 5 famous inventions by female scientists throughout the history of world science. These inventions certainly provide extraordinary contributions in various fields. So, this proves that women are able and have the same opportunity to contribute more to human life.