5 Countries With Nuclear Power Plants In The World

Countries with nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants use heat sources from one or several nuclear reactors. There are 450 reactors of nuclear power plants around the world. Moreover, there are countries with nuclear power plants to meet the country’s electricity supply.

Countries with nuclear power plants

Some countries that use nuclear as a power plant are usually developed countries. Other countries are still hesitant to use it because of concerns over the safety of nuclear itself. Here are 5 countries with nuclear power plants you should know:

1. The United States

The country that has the most nuclear power plants is in the United States. It has 104 nuclear power plants among other countries. So, this country can meet 20% of the country’s electricity needs from nuclear power plants.

Nuclear energy in the United States generates 56 percent of electricity in the carbon-free US in 2017. This makes it the largest domestic clean energy source in the United States. Nuclear power plants can operate at full capacity of more than 92 percent by 2017.

2. France

One of the countries with nuclear power plants is in France. France is the second-largest nuclear power plant user after the United States, with 59 nuclear power plants. The country uses nuclear power plants because France has no other energy resources, such as oil.

This nuclear power plant is capable of contributing two-thirds of France’s electricity. The France president said he would close 14 nuclear reactors in stages until 2035. The country would develop other sources of electricity generation, for example, wind power.

3. Japan

Before the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011, there were 55 nuclear power plants in Japan. However, until 2019 only 33 nuclear power plants are operating in Japan. Moreover, some private power companies in Japan decided to close down old nuclear power plants.

Because it requires a very large cost to carry out renovations according to the latest safety standards. Recently, the Japan Electricity Company plans to close one of the nuclear power plants at the Fukushima Prefecture. This is because the power plant there was damaged due to the earthquake in 2011.

4. South Korea

Nuclear power plants in South Korea could produce more than 21,733 megawatts. South Korea is very fast in expanding the use of nuclear power facilities. South Korea’s nuclear power plant jumped 489% in 30 years.

However, South Korea is trying to release its dependence on coal and nuclear power as a power plant. The country will expand its share of renewable electricity generation to 40% by 2040. Besides, South Korea will also stop extending the life of old nuclear power plants.

5. Russia

Despite Russia’s Chernobyl incident, this country continues to develop nuclear power. One of the largest nuclear power plants in Russia is capable of producing 1,195.4 MW of electricity and 3,200 MW of thermal power.

The electricity and heat are usually used to heat buildings and housing in Russia during the winter. Now Russia is starting to develop a floating nuclear power plant to help areas close to the poles. This floating nuclear reactor is the only one in the world.

Now you already know about 5 countries with nuclear power plants around the world. However, the five countries are trying to switch to renewable power plants. They did this for the good of the earth so as not to produce dangerous nuclear waste.