Lowest Coronavirus Death Rate By Country You Should Know

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lowest coronavirus death rate by country

Since December 2019, the Coronavirus from China has spread to almost the entire world. The virus has become a pandemic because the number of cases continues to increase every day. However, some countries seem to have a fairly low mortality rate. The following is the information about the lowest coronavirus death rate by country that you should know about.

1. Maldives

The country has 491 coronavirus cases. However, Maldives has 473 active cases and 17 people are cured. Of course, these figures prove the number of cases in the Maldives is quite well controlled. Until now, only 1 patient has died of this virus on April 29, 2020.

2. Brunei Darussalam

The next country with the lowest coronavirus mortality is Brunei Darussalam. On March 9, 2020, coronavirus cases began to emerge and the figure has reached 138 people. However, the number of patients recovering is also quite large, reaching 124 people. And until now there is only one person who died that is on March 28, 2020.

3. Suriname

The lowest coronavirus death rate by country is in Suriname. Even now the country has only 10 cases of coronavirus. Even so, this country has a healed number of cases of 8 lives and has made its curve decrease. But on April 3, 2020, there was a case of death due to coronavirus in this country.

4. State of Palestine

The next country that has the lowest mortality rate is in the State of Palestine. Which this country only has a death toll of 2 people. Of the total coronavirus cases of 353 people, this country healed as many as 76 people.

5. Yemen

Another country that has the lowest mortality rate is in Yemen. The number of coronavirus cases is quite small, reaching only 7 people. However, 1 person was declared cured and 2 others died due to this virus. The case of death in this country just happened that is on April 20, 2020.

6. Ethiopia

The next lowest coronavirus death rate by country is Ethiopia. This country also seems to have a significant number of cases, 133 people. And the highest number of cases in Ethiopia appeared on 10 and 18 April 2020 as many as 9 cases. Even so, the number who died only reached 3 people and the number of patients who recovered as many as 66 people.

7. Syria

Syria is also one of the countries with the lowest death rates due to coronavirus cases. This country has a total of 44 people and only 27 patients have been cured. However, this country has a death rate of 3 people which is quite low in the total cases.

8. Malta

Another country that has the lowest lift death due to coronavirus cases in Malta. Of the total number of cases, as many as 467 people, the number of patients recovering reached 383. This figure is quite fantastic and proves that handling coronavirus in Malta is quite good. In fact, the death rate in this country only reached 4 people who first appeared on 8 April 2020.

So that’s the information about the lowest coronavirus death rate by country that you should know about. These countries show that they can still control the spread of this virus well. Of course, this must also be supported by good cooperation from the people in the country.


5 Things That Got Affected By Coronavirus In The World

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things that got affected by coronavirus

Since December 2019, a virus from a city in China has shocked the world. The virus caused about 2,944 deaths in mainland China and 100 in other countries. Therefore, every country in the world is trying to stop the spread of this virus. But not only that, it turns out this virus has another impact. The following are some things that got affected by Coronavirus.

1. Stock Price Drops

The emergence of coronavirus turned out to have a negative impact on the world economy. Some countries stop their community activities in order to reduce outdoor activities. So some companies tell their employees to work at home.

However, this had an impact on the decline in the price of the joint-stock. The emergence of the virus from China is creating its own sentiments for capital market investors. Surely this can make some companies experience inflation and bring substantial losses.

2. Tourism Revenue Weakened

Anyone can not refuse that the tourism sector provides a sizable income for the country. Of course, foreign tourists always come from one country to another to enjoy a vacation. However, since this virus emerged people have begun to be afraid to travel abroad.

They are afraid of contracting the virus so they prefer to spend their time at home. Therefore, this could be one of the things that got affected by Coronavirus. Of course, the country’s income is declining because of the lack of tourists visiting tourist attractions.

3. Travel Agent Company Threatened Bankrupt

The presence of this coronavirus does have an extraordinary impact. One of them is the impact on travel agent companies that have decreased revenue. In fact, they can go bankrupt because of declining customer interest to use their services.

People worry that this could make the virus infect them when traveling abroad. Not only that, a travel agent company certainly has quite a lot of employees. So if this decline in income continues to occur, they must also lay off their employees.

4. Airline Revenue Declines Drastically

Airlines are one of the things that got affected by Coronavirus. Because the world community believes that the spread of this virus is spreading rapidly because of people traveling from China. These people carry the virus to other countries so that the virus can infect several hundred other people in the world.

For this reason, flight demand has decreased and requires airlines to cut flights. The cut reaches 80% for both international and domestic flights. Of course, this makes airlines experience a decrease in revenue.

5. Impact on the World Automotive World

Coronavirus turned out to also have a major impact on the world of the automotive world, especially mainland Europe. The Ferrari Museum in Italy had to temporarily close it for fear of making the virus more spread. Therefore, this museum has decreased its stock by up to 5%.

In addition, the Geneva Motor Show 2020 was canceled because it was to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The reason is that the Swiss government banned large-scale meetings or events to prevent the spread of the virus from spreading. Though there will be about hundreds of thousands of people who will attend the exhibition.

Those are 5 things that got affected by a coronavirus in the world. Apparently the virus has a fairly large and serious impact. Of course, the end of the virus is the hope of everyone in the world.


Some Of The Unusual Restaurant In The World With Delicious Food For You!

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Unusual restaurant in the world

When visiting new places, something you should never miss is trying their local foods. It should be a trivial thing but it also important to taste how they make local foods. However, they usually keep the authenticity of the foods so it is different from somewhere else. Also, you can find an unusual restaurant in the world that will give you another experience.

Having a good dinner in the awesome should be everyone’s dream. But have you ever wonder to eat in an unusual restaurant with a unique view? This should be interesting because you will have different experiences besides the taste of their foods. If you want to try eating in an unusual restaurant in the world, here are some recommended places for you!

1. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

If you thinking that the Maldives is the pearl of the ocean then you are right. In this place available one of the most beautiful restaurants with unique scenery, Ithaa. The Ithaa Restaurant is built 16 ft under the wonderful sea of Maldives. Not only the design, but this restaurant also offers good food with great services. But, you should do reservation far away before because there only available 14 limited seats.

2. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

Dinning in a higher place than the city near should be interesting to do. You can try to eat on the skyscraper in Vertigo Restaurant, Bangkok and see everything from above. Vertigo Restaurant is the part of the Banyan Tree Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Bangkok. However, eating foods or drinking cocktails should be another experience you should try!

3. Vista Restaurant, Cambodia

If the restaurant usually located in the confined space inside the building, this restaurant is different. Vista Restaurant is located in the middle of the beautiful place in Cambodia, Koh Rong Archipelago. You can enjoy your food while seeing the waves crashing the bottom of the restaurant. Besides, the food in this place is made using fresh ingredients. So, it will taste good.

4. The Disaster Cafe, Spain

If people usually running fast when disaster happens, this cafe makes it as the inspirational thing. The Disaster Cafe offers you amazing design in the building and also a special experience. This cafe will simulate a 7.8 Richter scale of an earthquake but still put attention to your safety. Now you can feel how it is when you eat and the earthquake coming.

5. The Grotto, Thailand

What do you think when you heard about the cave? Moist, wet, and smells bad right? But it does not happen with this unique cafe, The Grotto or also known as Cave Dining. This cafe will serve you with a great natural architecture formed during hundreds of years. In this place, you should try the most delicious food, seafood barbecue. Also, you can enjoy the blue of the ocean and warm sunlight when getting bored.

These are some of the unusual restaurant in the world that we can recommend for you. You should try to visit the place not only because they had awesome scenery but also another side. There are not many people who want to find a unique restaurant as their destination. Let’s be different!


The Top 5 Of Countries With Highest Salaries For Teachers

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countries with highest salaries for teachers

Teachers are professions that play an important role in educating generations.  But this profession rarely has many enthusiasts.  Because the salary is small.  But in the following countries, the highest teacher salaries are provided.  Which country is that?  Check out the following explanation, countries with highest salaries for teachers are:

1.    Luxembourg

Countries in Europe always get the nickname as a country that has a happy population.  Naturally, because these countries get compensation in accordance with the energy they spend.  In particular, Luxembourg has the highest teacher salaries for teachers.  If you work as a teacher in this country you can get a salary of up to billions per year.

As one of the countries with highest salaries for teachers. Being a teacher in Luxembourg is certainly prosperous because the country provides teacher salaries of 1 billion per year for elementary teachers and 1.7 billion per year for high school teachers.  Thus, the teachers in this country have a high level of welfare.

2.    Korea Selatan

Another country with a high salary for teachers are South Korea.  This country guarantees welfare for teachers.  Although not as big as Luxembourg, the salary of teachers in this country is quite high, at USD 79,000 per year.

South Korea has a good education system.  One factor is the welfare of teachers who teach in South Korea. That is why South Korea has a better education system among other countries in Asia.

3.    Jerman

The next country on this list of countries with highest salaries for teachers is Germany. One of the countries in Europe that has a good education system in Germany. The German government is very concerned about education.  So many students from other countries, making Germany a suitable country to study.

Although it is quite difficult to become a teacher in Germany.  That is because some qualifications are set to become teachers in Germany.  If you can become a teacher, you will get welfare.  Welfare is in the form of salaries that reach thousands of US dollars or the equivalent of hundreds of millions of per year, as well as several other benefits.

4. Austria

Austria is a country on the European continent.  It is common knowledge when becoming a teacher in European countries is very prosperous.  Austria is one of them, giving a large enough salary to teachers who teach in this country.

Just like in other European countries, the qualifications to become a teacher is quite difficult.  Because there are criteria that serve as benchmarks in order to become a teacher.  But it is difficult to become a teacher in this country, it will in accordance with the salaries and other benefits.

5. Swiss

Being a teacher in Switzerland is very prosperous.  Because this country provides salaries of tens of thousands of US dollars or the equivalent of billions of rupiah per year.

That is why Switzerland has a good education and has a teacher with a high level of welfare. Therefore, if aspiring to become a teacher, Switzerland is one of the best references.

Thus, countries with highest salaries for teachers.  These countries have inspired other countries to develop better education systems and improved teacher welfare.  Thus, the level of welfare of teachers in the world can be evenly distributed.


Worst Winter Ever Recorded That Important To Know

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worst winter ever recorded

The weather and season are natural events that change by themselves. And humans cannot determine the weather and season according to their own desires. Sometimes, the weather and season can be very extreme especially in winter. Here is the worst winter ever recorded you need to know.

1. The Arctic Ocean in 2015

In 2015, the Arctic sea ice cover reached 14.5 million kilometers. Therefore, for the first time, satellite records were made to measure the extent of the ice sheet there.

At the end of February, the number of ice sheets reached 130,000 square kilometers. The number is lower than in 2011. Scientists believe that unusually hot weather in Alaska and Russia affects the reduction in ice cover.

Alexander Shestakov, a WWF Global Arctic Program Director, responded to this data. He said that this was not a record to be proud of. According to him the low ice cover can cause reactions that can threaten the Arctic and even the whole earth. That’s why this event became one of the worst winter ever recorded.

2. Antarctica in 2013

Even though the world is experiencing global warming, but this has no impact on Antarctica. In 2013 in eastern Antarctica, satellites showed that the temperature there reached -93.2 degrees Celsius. Surely humans will be very difficult to be able to breathe in such cold air.

However, this is not yet valid because the gauge is a satellite which is certainly very far from the surface of the earth. Of course, the data will be very valid if measured with a thermometer. Unfortunately, this is very dangerous to do in very cold locations.

The researchers encourage the public to use a hose on the inside of a thick jacket to breathe. It aims to be able to survive in such a location. The air produced from inside this jacket will feel warmer so that it does not damage the respiratory tract when inhaled.

3. Southeast Australia 

Australia is also one of the countries that experienced the worst winter ever recorded. Strong winds and cold temperatures hit southeastern Australia to cause blizzards, docks damaged, power outages to fallen trees.

The speed of the wind that hit the country reached 150 km per hour which made the flight schedule delayed and the wind had the potential to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, at some busy traffic points, there are rules to reduce vehicle speeds by up to 60 kilometers per hour.

However, bad weather is not just attacking southeastern Australia. But some other cities in Australia are experiencing similar problems. In essence, this extreme weather makes Australia one of the countries that have experienced bad winters.

4. China and Japan in 2005

China and Japan became the two countries that experienced the worst winter ever recorded. Since late December 2005, the thickness of the snow has piled up to as high as one meter in parts of Xinjiang Province in southwestern and eastern China.

While the weather temperature is minus 43 degrees Celsius which consequently around 220 thousand families stop their daily activities. Something similar happened in Japan. But the thickness of the snow piled up to four meters above ground level. Blowing cold air from the North Pole caused this event to occur. At least 57 people died and more than 1,300 people were treated for cold or accidents.

That’s some of the worst winter ever recorded that you need to know. There is some extreme weather that will make you shudder because it’s quite terrible.


5 Famous Inventions By Female Scientists You Need To Know

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famous inventions by female scientists

In the history of humanity, there are brilliant women who play a fundamental role in science. But unfortunately despite their outstanding contributions, they are often never recognized. Therefore, you should know there are famous inventions by female scientists.

famous inventions by female scientists

These women are able to make their scientific contributions. In addition, they also made significant inventions in the history of world science. Here are 5 famous inventions by female scientists that you need to know:

1. Radioactive

Marie Curie is a famous scientist who received two Nobel Prizes for physics and chemistry. Apart from being a pioneer of radioactivity, she also discovered techniques for the isolation of radioactive isotopes and two chemical elements. The two new chemical elements she discovered were radium and polonium.

She discovered the radioactive theory taught today in chemistry courses. In addition, she also suggests using the idea to use radioactive isotopes as a cancer treatment.

2. Atom Bomb

Chien-Shiung Wu was the inventor of the first atomic bomb and was born in China in 2912. She graduated from the National Central University in Nanking, in 1936, and flew to the US to continue her education.

During World War II, she joined the Manhattan Project, Columbia University. She worked to develop iron ore uranium, which would be used as an explosive fuel. After the war, she remained at Columbia as a research assistant.

3. HIV and AIDS Drugs

Gertrude B. Elion was the first woman to find a cure for people with HIV and AIDS. She worked on developing drugs by studying the chemical composition of cells affected by the disease. To avoid failure, she uses a biological chemical comparison between normal cells and pathogens.

She did that to design drugs that can block viral infections in the body. So, she succeeded in developing azidothymidine, which became the first drug that could treat HIV and AIDS survivors.

4. Comet Discovery

Who would have thought that a comet firstly discovered by a woman? A female scientist, Caroline Herschel, first discovered it. She made independent observations using the Newtonian telescope and successfully detected several astronomical objects.

In addition, she successfully finds many comets and was able to complete the comet index. The comet index that she wrote is summarized in full in the Catalog of Stars. Until the end of her life, she continued to work as a female astronomer.

5. Radio Signal

It is one of the famous inventions by female scientists. Moreover, Jocelyn Bell Burnell an astrophysicist who discovered the first radio signal from a star. She found that the star emits very intense radiation at short and regular intervals.

Unfortunately, she was successful without recognition because it was her tutor who won the Nobel Prize. So, many of her colleagues condemned the award. However, Burnell said that she got the best thing that was more significant than the Nobel Prize.

Those are 5 famous inventions by female scientists throughout the history of world science. These inventions certainly provide extraordinary contributions in various fields. So, this proves that women are able and have the same opportunity to contribute more to human life.


Blackjack Odds Information

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In Blackjack you are continually going to play against the vendor. This implies different players at the table won’t influence how you should play your hands. The hands ought to be played dependent on the outlines of when to hit, stand, twofold, or split. We have a graph beneath that is going to take a gander at the chances with respect to what could occur on some random hand.

Hand Value% Bust If You Hit
11 or Less0%

This outline shows you the chances of busting on the off chance that you choose to endure a shot. At the end of the day it is simply one more approach to take a gander at how you have to deal with the cards before you. You will see that the chances of busting on the off chance that you endure a shot when you have 15 or over is very high. At the end of the day in the event that you have 15 all out focuses you will bust at any rate 58 percent of the time. Look underneath at 14 aggregate. You can at present bust at 56 percent of the time on the off chance that you take a third card.

The point in this diagram is to show you the chances, and to cause you to understand the chances are the equivalent for the house. The seller will have a similar opportunity to bust on the off chance that they have 14 aggregate. The thing that matters is for the house the vendor must take another card when they have 15 beneath. For certain club on the off chance that they have 16 aggregate or underneath they should endure a shot, regardless. The house doesn’t have any idea all alone. They should play the guidelines and that’s it in a nutshell. They can’t consider the chances. This is in support of you, yet again there is the house edge to battle with.

Two Card Count% Frequency
Natural 214.8%
Hard Standing (17-20)30.0 %
Decision Hands (1-16)38.7%
No Bust26.5%

The above diagram is to assist you with facilitating in the chances division. You will see the chances or probabilities are recorded over the kinds of hands you can get. To get a characteristic 21 the chances are against you. The probability is 4.8%. The possibility that you will get a hand with 1 through 17 as the all out is 38.7 percent. That is generally high and the most widely recognized hands you will see. There is additionally a percent of 28 that you won’t bust. In different terms that is 72 percent of a possibility that you will bust during each round. As should be obvious the situation is anything but favorable for you. You simply need to make sense of your system and the amount you are happy to hazard dependent on the chances to have a superior methodology. The chances are scientific, which implies they are truth based over superstition or different musings that you could have. The slot online chances will win you more.


Top 5 Crazy Things A Fans Would Do For Their Idols

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Crazy things a fans would do

Surely you have admired certain artists or musicians. However, have you ever done crazy or strange things because you admired your idol? However, there are some crazy things a fans would do when they admire their idols.

Crazy things a fans would do

These fanatical fans often do strange and odd things. Sometimes it sounds silly and you will wonder why they do it. The fans can even act recklessly in order to get close to their idol. Here are crazy things a fans would do that you will never think of before:

1. Make Tattoos

Carl McCoid, 39, is a man who really likes musician Miley Cyrus. Therefore, he is willing to make 15 tattoos all over his body, which he dedicated to Milen Cyrus. He spent more than USD 650 to make these tattoos.

He shows off all of his tattoo photos on his social media and now he has 2,225 followers. Because he really likes Miley Cyrus, he says she is his wife. He likes Miley Cyrus because he thinks that she helped him through a divorce in his life.

2. Break a Leg

A long time ago Jessie J had an accident that caused a broken leg. Then, she was surprised when one of her fanatical fans also broke his own legs to be like Jessie J. Moreover, he also sent photos of his injured body to Jessie J.

In fact, her fans also terrorized her by sending a message that he would do anything to be like her. No wonder that this is one of the crazy things a fans would do to an idol.

3. Swim to the Idol House

Taylor Swift is a smart and beautiful musician, so no wonder if she has a lot of fans. Even some of her fans did strange and reckless actions to get Taylor Swift’s attention. For example, last April there was a fan who was willing to swim to his idol’s house.

A fanatic fan from Taylor Swift swam to her home in Rhode Island. Police see a man walking along the seacoast, about 1 mile from Taylor Swift’s home. Then, the police then arrested him because he broke into someone’s house without permission.

4. Buy a Used Bottle

Emma Philips from New Zealand really likes Justin Bieber, a brilliant musician. At that time, she had the opportunity to meet her idol at the backstage of a television studio. Justin Bieber then gave her a bottle of mineral water he had drunk.

However, Emma didn’t like it and she sold the bottle on TradeMe, a popular e-commerce site. Then, a husband and wife bought the bottle for USD 624. They bought the bottle for the daughter who idolizes Justin Bieber.

5. Do a Plastic Surgery

Still the same as the story above, Tobias Strebel is also a fanatic fan of Justin Bieber. He is willing to do anything in order to get the attention of Justin Bieber, including plastic surgery.

He does plastic surgery for 5 years to make his face look like Justin Bieber. To do this procedure, he spent more than USD 100,000. This operation successfully made him look similar to Justin Bieber, but he needs more than 1 month to recover.

Those are crazy things a fans would do which sounds terrible is also ridiculous. There are still many stories about fans who will do everything for their idols. If you become a fan, what will you do to win the attention of your idol?


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best soccer stadiums in the world

Soccer has been one of the most famous and loved sports in the world for decades. Not only people love the game but they also love the soccer team. While on the other side, people adore the players who are talented and well looking. It is not deniable that a player’s performance could not be separated from the quality of the stadium itself. Moreover, people could find the best soccer stadiums in the world only in several places.

best soccer stadiums in the world

To build a stadium, there are some qualifications that the place must-have. Starting from the parking lot, the quality of the grass up to the facilities. The facilities are for both the players and the audiences. However, the best soccer stadiums in the world are more than just a stadium. They have the most beautiful structures and designs as well. To know about the stadiums, here are the best five stadiums in 2019.

1. The Iconic Wembley Stadium

The world’s presence best soccer stadium is the Wembley Stadium which in London. The Stadium has been standing since 1923 and has been rebuilt again until it is reopened in 2017. What makes Wembley the place stadium is because of the new design which is unique and luxurious as well. The technology in and outside the stadium is also a leading item in this stadium.

2. The Historical Camp Nou Stadium

The Camp Nou Stadium is not only one of the best stadiums but also the largest in the world. Camp Nou is in Barcelona, Spain which is also the home for the Barcelona Soccer Team. Moreover, the stadium has historical details that people could find out from the club’s website. As for the capacity, the stadium could load more than 98,000 people!

3. The Famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The next best soccer stadiums in the world would go to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium which is in Madrid. The stadium is also the most famous because it was the home of many famous world-class soccer players. Starting from Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and others. Moreover, the stadium has always been hosting many events besides soccer games.

4. The Red Devil Old Trafford Stadium

When going to Manchester in England, people would not miss on visiting the Old Trafford Stadium. It is well known for the red devil seats which represent the Manchester United Soccer Team. It is also the biggest stadium in the UK. Besides for soccer event, tourists could also have a visit to the stadium and also about the Manchester United team.

5. The Beautiful Maracana Stadium

Unlikely another stadium, the locations of the Maracana Stadium are right in the city of Rio de Janerio Brazil. Not only the stadium is near the city but it also has a beautiful view of the city. Even though the design is still quite classic, it is one of the favorite venues for soccer plays. Moreover, the stadium has been the host for the Olympic Games and twice for the World Cup Finals.

The best soccer stadiums in the world are not just a venue for games. But it is also a home for the best soccer players. Moreover, the stadiums have also great stories of victories in it.


Irrational Things People Would Do For Their Pets & Animals

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irrational things people would do for their pet

People love to have pets, just like they like to have friends. Some people would even do anything for their pets and spend many monies. Most people treat their pets just like they treat other people. Therefore, they will give all the things they need and do activities together. Sometimes some of the irrational things people would do for their pets are just out of the box.

irrational things people would do for their pet

These unusual habits from people for their pats are unique and different. However, with these unique ways, people have become closer to their pets than before. Even though it is different, the irrational things people would do for their pets are fun to know. So, what kind of things will people do for their beloved pets? And how much does it all cost for the activity they do?

1. Spend Thousand Dollars for Pet Salon

Not only humans that want to look good, but also the pets too. Some people would spend hundreds of up to a thousand dollars just to salon their pets. Well, to some people this is rational if they have the money. But for those who don’t would just think this is a waste of money. Just imagine how much money people will have to spend on a pet if they go to the salon every week? Bathing an animal in a salon usually costs $50, so for a salon, it is more expensive. 

2. Do Cats Nail

Another irrational things people would do for their pet is doing their pets nail. A person in the US loves to do her cat’s nails by herself. Rather than just letting the nail as it is, she likes to color the nails and shape them. The fascinating thing is, the cat obeys and do not against the owner. Well, the cat does look pretty but just imagining it seems impossible. 

3. Building a Dog House

Sometimes the love for a pet is as big as it is for their kids. Therefore, some owners would build a small house just for their pets. The house isn’t too big, but at least the dog has its room and facilities. With a personal room or house, they hope the dog not to mess in the owners’ house. 

4. Eating from One Plate

Would you like to share a plate with your pet dog? Most people would say no, but some people would say yes. Just imagining it, it is sure people wouldn’t want to share a plate for two because of hygiene reasons. But some people love their dogs so much they would do this activity. Well, just don’t imagine you will get a fair portion of food when eating with your dog. 

5. Share the Same Bed

To some people this is normal but for others, this is an irrational thing to do. Animals and pets are usually a bit dirtier than humans. Therefore, some people don’t want to share their beds with animals. But others don’t mind it if they are only in the house. 

 These irrational things people would do for their pets are quite amazing. This proves that people who have pets love their pets just like a family. But before doing something irrational, try to think it over. Is it really necessary and what are the effects of the action?